Over the course of 18 years, Edgewater has grown from starting with just 5 employees to now employing over 180 people across three locations in North America. This growth over the years has been from careful, strategic decisions made by the experienced leadership team at Edgewater. Finding and training individuals with extraordinary talent has been a vital part of Edgewater’s growth and is a continuous part of the future ahead.

Focusing on delighting everyone involved in the course of business, Edgewater pays close attention to providing for the needs of their employees, from the tools needed at work to the benefits needed for families at home.

Edgewater Automation Careers

Our Senior Leaders are positioned in a way that makes them easy to communicate with.

With a team-based structure and extremely low turnover, our employees support each other and build strong relationships.

Here at Edgewater we recognize and value the need to balance the workload on our employees.

We are a company built on the ability to think outside of the box and deliver original solutions.

With many hundreds of years of collective experience, Edgewater continues to be positioned as a global leader in custom automation.

We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

Edgewater Automation – Michigan

Edgewater Automation – South Carolina

Interested in a different position? We are always accepting applications for any position regardless of job openings or not.

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