Give us your manufacturing goals. We have the know-how to reach them.

Whether you need to put something together, verify a widget is exactly what it is supposed to be, move a product from one place to another, track a process, or figure out if what you want to do is even possible, Edgewater Automation has a solution for you. We design equipment and integrate today’s technology that will help you succeed, whatever the manufacturing challenge you are facing.

We build systems with a variety of automation platforms, including robotic, fully automatic, semi-automatic, synchronous, non-synchronous, and lean work cells. Contact us to get started.

Assembly Systems

At Edgewater Automation, we know how to put things together, with quality and efficiency. Let us help you streamline your assembly process using our design and technology expertise. Contact us to begin a solution.

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Test Systems

We understand the crucial need for quality here at Edgewater Automation. Our extensive experience with integrating the best test equipment and processes can provide you with peace of mind that your production is performing consistently and accurately. Contact us today to begin get started on a solution.

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Material Handling Systems

Whether you need to move a miniscule or massive part, Edgewater Automation has experience to build you the best solution. Our talented in-house design team will develop custom equipment to meet your manufacturing needs. Contact us now to get started.

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Data Acquisition & Management

If you have a complex process that has crucial data involved, you can count on Edgewater Automation to integrate the latest technology to meet your manufacturing needs. Contact us now to start on a solution.

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