SAINT JOSEPH, April 27, 2020 – Moody on the Market names Edgewater Automation as one of the “20 Best Places to Work in Southwest Michigan.”

The following is an excerpt from Moody on the Market:

Most of the products we buy or use on a daily basis have been produced by some form of automation in manufacturing. We have a team in St. Joe with a sterling reputation in that world of automation leading to many of those products right here at home. The Edgewater Automation story starts with the super powers of “bionic hearing” to listen to both customers and team members alike on the way to conquering unique goals, and “x-ray vision” among worldwide partners who work together to spot industry trends. That made them another huge committee favorite among the 20 Best Places nominations, but read on for a stellar array of “fun committees,” and the rest of this home-grown, bootstraps success story launched by a man with a vision who left a high-level job to begin his own story knowing that he could do better for both his industry and his employees by traveling their own route. It’s a truly award-winning story that puts Edgewater Automation onto the champions list of 20 Best Places to Work in SW Michigan.

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