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Your Process Development Team

Edgewater Automation created a process development team out of the need in the market for innovation in new products, improved processes, and cost-effective test equipment. Our experience ranges from micro-sized medical devices to sample dispensing kiosks. Edgewater Development will help you prove that your idea is possible.

With a focus on electro-mechanical devices, Edgewater Development’s team specializes in taking ideas from concept to the market as well as improving process and products. Our ability to build and test prototypes, alpha and beta test units, and a start-up production line, enables us to provide a solution specific to your needs.

Successful Projects

The Freeosk, an automated sample kiosk, was designed and over 100 units manufactured.

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Edgewater developed a lift tool designed and produced to aid servicing.

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Edgewater assisted in the development of a prescription filling machine for Microfil LLC.

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Testing was performed to determine a suitable method for marking parts.

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Edgewater developed a custom test valve for testing pumps.

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Testing was performed to determine the cycle time that could be expected for flow test machines.

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Capabilities & Experience

  • Design of Experiment (DOE)
  • Simultaneous Engineering (SE)
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Custom Manufacturing

We have dedicated engineering and management offices along with over 7000 square feet of manufacturing and assembly space. We encourage our customers to visit often and work with us closely as we develop their product or process. We provide each customer a cubicle and internet access to make the visits more comfortable and productive. When visits aren’t practical, web-based meetings are a close second.

We are an efficient team, with enough engineering and manufacturing experience on staff to help get projects off of the ground quickly. As the need grows, Edgewater Development can draw on the design, engineering, and manufacturing resources of Edgewater’s sister companies.

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